Gas Food Service Technology

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Display Cooking Equipment

Nothing whets the appetite and heightens the excitement of eating out like watching a professional chef prepare his culinary delights. Diners are just naturally drawn to the sight of the flames, the sound of sizzling meats and the aroma of cooking food. Display cooking can be as simple as the revolving oven of roasting chickens in the supermarket take-out food section to a full-service, custom-designed cooking island featuring range tops, ovens, griddles, fryers, broilers, and even sinks with running water. Whatever the menu item or cooking style, the visible flame of a modern, clean-burning and efficient natural gas food service appliance is sure to please customers and contribute to the bottom line.


 Virtually all food service equipment types available for incorporation into a display cooking setting
 Pieces often used for stand-alone display cooking:
 >> Rotisseries
 >> Revolving Ovens
 >> Gas wood-fired type ovens
 >> Charbroilers
 >> Griddles
 >> Ranges
 >> Cooking island suites


 Attract customers, stimulate appetites, promote impulse buying, and showcase chef?s talents and quality of food products


 Virtually any segment of food service can capitalize on the unique merchandising opportunities offered by display cooking, especially restaurants, supermarkets, food kiosks or buffet stations, pizzerias, hotels, bakeries, fast food chains and caterers.

Available Features*

 >> Arched-top, flat-top and double opening (front and back)
 >> Stainless steel, ceramic tile or various color finishes
 >> Infrared or ceramic logs
 >> Open cavity design
 >> One to several spits
Revolving Ovens
 >> Slow turning skewers
 >> Self-basting
 >> Automatic cook-and-hold
Gas wood-fired type ovens
 >> Simultaneous gas and wood-fire cooking
 >> 4 to 6-inch thick refractory stone
 >> Built-in ventilation system
 >> Air-curtain door
 >> Extensive variety of shapes and sizes
 >> Floor and counter models
 >> Ceramic self-cleaning briquettes or energy-efficient infrared heating
 >> Flare control systems
 >> 2 to 4 burners
 >> Electronic thermostatic control
 >> Accurate, zoned griddle surface temperature control
 >> Griddle/charbroiler combo unit
 >> Heavy-duty grate top, griddle, charbroiler or hot top surfaces
 >> Clog-free burner design
 >> Cool-to-touch handle and knobs
 >> Splashproof design and controls
 >> Electronic ignition
 >> Base options ? standard or convection oven, storage cabinet, refrigerated or freezer cabinet, or none for countertop use
Cooking Island Suites
 >> Custom designed to customer specifications
 >> Heavy-duty ranges with open top, hot top, fry top or French top burners
 >> Undercounter refrigeration/freezer
 >> Warming, holding and storage bases
 >> Work tops
 >> Receptacle boxes
 >> Sinks
 >> Pot racks
 >> Ceramic and infrared broilers
 >> Griddles
 >> Standard or convection ovens
 >> Fryers
 >> Cheesemelters
 >> Chinese woks
 >> Bain marie
 >> Waldorf-style shelving


 Visible flame attracts customer attention
 Adds excitement to dining experience
 Stimulates appetites
 Promotes impulse buying
 Showcases quality and freshness of food
 Opens new avenues of design and layout

Energy Input

 Rotisseries ? 25,000 to 200,000 Btus
 Revolving Ovens ? 120,000 Btus
 Gas wood-fire type ovens ? 60,000 to 190,000 Btus
 Charbroilers ? 35,000 to 105,000 Btus
 Griddles ? 35,000 Btus/burner
 Ranges ? 33,000 to 45,000 Btus/burner
 Range ovens ? 45,000 Btus

Fuel Type(s)

 Natural gas and LPG


 Varies depending on equipment

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.

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